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Ohio Haunted Houses are some of Americas best haunts. This site is home to the best haunted houses Ohio has to offer.

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Ohio Hauntings

The Dent Schoolhouse is a Cincinnati Ohio haunted house constructed inside of a real schoolhouse featuring Hollywood quality sets and special effects. The Fear Experience is a Cleveland Halloween event and is in its 4th year of operation.  The Fear Experience contains some of the best Haunted houses Cleveland Ohio has to offer. This haunted house excels in the areas of special effect makeup and actors, having a top-notch team dedicated to scaring everyone that walks through the door. The Fear Experience Haunted house in Cleveland Ohio is completely redesigned for the season and they are excited to unveil their new creation.

There are also many other wonderful Cleveland haunted houses. In addition to haunted houses, the best Cleveland Halloween party is at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights.

Haunted Hoochie

You can use this website to find haunted houses in Ohio.  We have a listing of the best haunted houses in Ohio at the top of the webpage.  You can use these listings at the top to search for haunted houses in Ohio. Visit the websites for full information on these Ohio haunts and for pictures of haunted houses in Ohio. There are many great websites that will show you Ohio haunted house ratings and reviews, or you can be the judge.

Cincinnati Haunted Houses

Dead Acres is home to one of America’s best haunted houses, the haunted hoochie. Dead Acres is known as one of the most extreme haunted houses in the country boasting over the top scenes and controversial themes.  These Columbus Ohio haunted houses, which include the haunted hoochie, and bad trip in 3D are sure to please even the toughest audiences! The other Haunted houses in Columbus Ohio have had to step up their game a great deal over the years to compete with this event.

Scary Houses

This site is also home to many real haunted houses in Ohio.  Unlike the Halloween haunted houses in Ohio these travel locations are based on the premise that the area is truly surrounded by real ghosts and spirits.  Some of the most popular Ohio hauntings are at Ohio Penitentiary and the Ohio State Reformatory.

Ohio Haunted Houses

Haunted Hayrides are a great alternative to the over the top scary attractions that most of the Ohio Halloween haunted houses offer. The haunted hayrides in Ohio are scarce, but the ones that do exist are great events. These hayrides are normally a mile in length and features scenes spaced through the hayride suitable for all ages.  If you have a child who is too young for the Ohio haunted attractions, ask the staff if they have a kid friendly hayride available.

Columbus Haunted Houses

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