Cincinnati Haunted Houses

Cincinnati Haunted Houses are some of the top haunted houses in the industry.  They are guaranteed to give you an evening of outrageous nail biting fun!

The land Of Illusion is a great Cincinnati haunted house.  It boosts of seven attractions which includes: 3D Killer Clowns, Blast Zone Paintball, Club Zombie, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, Middletown Haunted Trail, Temple of Terror and Voodoo Bayou Shanty.  Just the thought of voodoo and black magic is terrifying.  The Land of Illusion opens early on August 31st so you will have plenty of time to plan your visit.  Once you go you will want to go back again and again as there is so much to see and do.  Many think it is best haunted house in area.

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The Dent School House is one of the extreme haunted houses for Halloween.  Children are reported missing and later found dead in the basement where the janitor has an office. rated The Dent School House in the top 13 for Cincinnati haunted houses 2011.  This one is so gruesome it will give you nightmares for a long time.

If you love Halloween than Kings Island Halloween Haunt is the place to go.  It offers great scares at an affordable price.  The various haunted houses, fog, and demons are sure to frighten even the bravest soul.  For the little ones they offer Trick or Treat with the Dinosaurs!

It isn’t just about Halloween haunted houses but also haunted Cincinnati.  You can take a tour aboard the old creepy haunted steam boat, the USS Night Mare at Riverboats Landing.  Employees have reported seeing ghosts and they will tell you about the riverboat’s creepy past.  Or you can visit Boomerangs Bar and Grill at 4501 Vine Street in St. Bernard.  The employees say the lights turn on and off after the bar closes and items are moved around.  It is rumored that someone died in an upstairs apartment and wasn’t found for a week.  Others say it is just that a rumor.  Why not check it out for yourself.  See if you can find more spooky Cincinnati Hauntings on line or at the library.  It would be fun to get a group together and go on the USS Night Mare or even visit Boomerangs for dinner.  The supernatural can be more frightening than a haunted house.

It seems there are numerous haunted houses in Cincinnati.  So you can find just the right one to fit your comfort zone and budget.  There are many cheap haunted houses that offer the same frights for a fraction of the cost so be sure to check around.  There are also haunts or corn mazes for charity that are awesome too.  Look on line or in your local newspapers for up to date information on Cincinnati Haunted Houses.

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