Columbus Haunted Houses

With the 2012 Halloween season just around the corner you should start making plans now to visit the Columbus Ohio haunted houses.  The top haunted houses I am going to recommend are all also the most terrifying.

The Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres is the best haunted house in Columbus.  As far as scary haunted houses go this is extreme! Just minutes after entering the haunt I witnessed an actor ranting and raving at the top of his lungs then turn and put a gun to head and blow his head off.  Within seconds before you can even comprehend what has just happened you are whisked off to the next room.  It was non stop – heart pounding – can’t catch your breath or believe what you are seeing terror! At the entrance and on their web page they post the following warning which I am going to quote.  “Warning May not be suitable for immature audiences or mature audiences.  The Haunted house contains graphic and violent horror.  These images may be offensive and disturbing to some.”  Trust the warnings!  They also tell you ahead of time but it still catches you off guard – but they actually touch you!  This is something I had never experience before at a haunted house.  The lines are long so go early or buy a special pass to avoid the wait.  If you are looking for scary haunted houses the Haunted Hoochie Columbus Ohio is the place to go.

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Terror Fest Columbus Ohio is one of the local haunted houses.  It has been rated seventh by MSN.COM.  Terror Fest consists of two equally terrifying haunts; The Butchers Realm and the Brewery Butcher 3D.  The theme of both haunts is based on the legend of one of America’s first serial killers David Hoster (alas Dr. Frightner) who worked in a Columbus Brewery in the early 1900’s.  Dr. Frightner confessed to killing 38 people. The Butchers Realm you will visit the demented nightmares of David Hoster.  In the Brewery Butcher 3D you will meet the bloody David Hoster and his many gory victims. Terror Fest is another Columbus haunted house you must visit this Halloween season!

Scare-A-Torium in Dublin just outside of Columbus is another great Haunted House attraction that I highly recommend.  The Scare-A-Torium is 31,000 square feet of pure horro that includes The Haunted Manor and the RIP Stinkers Fun House.  Their attention to detail and professional actors make this a true haunt experience.  For the faint of heart and children they offer lights on Family Tours on Sunday.  You can visit the gift store for that perfect souvenir and get even get your face painted. It is a great haunted house Columbus Ohio.

These are my top three Columbus Haunted Houses.  Remember to check for their dates and times of operation and look for group rates.  My top Ohio haunted attraction is The Fear Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.  It is only a short two hour drive from Columbus.


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