Haunted Hoochie

Haunted Hoochie is home to some not so kid friendly haunted houses. If you are looking for some Ohio haunted houses that are also Americas best haunts, look no further than haunted hoochie Columbus Ohio. To learn more about haunted houses in ohio, visit one of the haunted houses listed above. From shotgun suicides to a live demon birth this haunted house takes horror to a new level.  Haunted Hoochie is seen as an industry leader in crossing the line of what is acceptable and putting their guests through a full sensory assault. If you visit their website you can find haunted hoochie dead acres discounts and haunted hoochie dead acres deals. The local radio stations such as 99.7 The Blitz give out free haunted attraction coupons on the air, if you listen you might find some free dead acres coupons or free attraction coupons for other local haunted houses. 99.7 The Blitz also plays their station live outside of the event as you wait in line to provide entertainment.

There are many haunted hoochie reviews online that all claim it is the best haunted house in Columbus and the best haunted houses in OH. If you would like to find haunted hoochie dead acres reviews visit Ohio valley haunts.  This website will also provide you with haunted hoochio dead acres ratings. The haunted hoochie fan page contains a scary haunted hoochie gallery full of haunted hoochie photos. This haunted house has 2 scary houses to choose from.

Haunted Hoochie is relatively hard to find so if you need help you can enter, dead acres haunted hoochie Pataskala 43062-8266 Ohio, into Google maps. Haunted Hoochie is located at 13861 e broad st sw. Once you arrive on site it is very easy to navigate.  They have cheap parking and a graveled parking lot so even if it is raining you wont be driving in mud.  They have a covered ticket barn and lots of security to help keep everyone safe and having a good time.  Arrive on site early or you will be waiting in line up to 4 hours. On select nights they have live bands and entertainment and every night they have actors roaming the que line.

The Internet is home to many websites that contain free haunted hayride coupons and free haunted house coupons. Some of these haunted hayrides at located at Columbus Ohio haunted houses. Most of these websites will also offer reviews of haunted hoochie dead acres Pataskala. You can also use the Internet to find adult haunted houses. Most adult haunted houses have an 18+ age limit and contain extremely graphic scenes and some even contain sexual content.



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