Haunted House Ideas

You can go online and look for haunting websites for great haunted house ideas.  You can also read articles or books on the subject for ideas for haunts. Visiting professional haunted houses is the best way to get your creative juices flowing. You will be overwhelmed with frightening ideas for your very own haunted house attraction.

Haunted Houses in Ohio

Many colleges and surrounding establishments have Halloween parties that draw students.  Some even have costume contests and offer outrageous menus and drink specials.  The fraternity haunted house and sorority haunted house are usually the hit of the campus and have great haunted parties. The most haunted events take place at Ohio University. It is well known for drawing massive crowds on Halloween.

Haunted House decorating ideas are almost too numerous to mention.  I will try and give you enough information so you can know how to decorate a haunted house in your yard, home or school.  First you will need a theme.  Whether you want to have your yard look like a cemetery or your house look like a vampire lair you need to pick a theme and stick with it. Once you have your theme you need to look into haunted house name ideas. You can use your imagination and just have fun with it. Be sure and use  descriptive words in the name.  Words such as: gruesome, horrific, scary, shocking, spooking, terrifying, ghoulish, ghastly, frightening, creepy, chilling, blood curdling, bloody,  alarming, hair raising, bone chilling, horrifying, chain saw, gates, ghosts, scarecrows, vampires, clowns, demonic, pirates, zombies,  grisly,  etc. all help set the tone for your haunt.  You will need to work on each haunt room design, and decide what to put in your haunt.  If you design a room around clowns you put fun house mirrors or balloons in the room   if it is a pirate theme you could add treasure chests, flags, swords and daggers.  A small wooden bridge with fog machines, fake greenery and spider webs give an eerie effect. What to put in a haunted house?  Just use your imagination.

In your haunted house attraction you can add skeletons and Halloween caskets.  Learn how to build a corpse online.  You can always find Halloween haunted house decoration ideas online or in books available in your local library.  Look for information under; Halloween ideas for haunted houses, haunted houses on Halloween, haunted places for Halloween, decorating Halloween art, haunted places Halloween, and how to make your house look haunted. You will find enough information to make your very own personal haunt.

You will also need actors for your home haunt.  That means costumes and accessories for each actor.  Masks are easier than make-up, however make-up looks more professional.  It takes a little practice  to learn how to apply make up and appliances. So you might want to put aside a little time to practice.  You’ll be happy you did.  There are many appliances to choose from, such as warts, scares, and burns. You can purchase these at your local Halloween stores also.  You will need spirit gum and spirit gum remover to apply and remove your appliances properly.

I would also suggest going to hunted houses to get ideas for your own home haunt.  First make a map of haunts in your area.  Then try and visit all the scary places for Halloween you can find.  This is a fun thing to do with a large group of your friends.  It will really get you in the Halloween spirit and you’ll walk away with lots of ideas.  You might check your haunted house contacts to look for houses that are haunted too.  I know the Haunted Prison Experience at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, is open to the public during October of each year.  It is just a short drive from the Cleveland area.

I know a teenager in Sylvania, Ohio who built a home haunt in his backyard.  He spent most of his summer building a massive haunt with the help of his family, friends and neighbors.  Halloween night he had 500 people attend his home haunt.  He made the local news and donated what money he made to charity.  Today he, along with his cousin, own their own professional  haunt.  You could be next. So get started on that home haunt today!


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