Ohio Haunted Houses

Ohio Haunted Houses are some of the best in the Halloween industry.  They provide non stop chills and thrills and leave you wanting more!   The Ohio Valley Haunts is Ohio’s haunt authority and they post Ohio haunted house ratings on their web site yearly. The Ohio Valley Haunts also provide a list of Ohio hauntings for your convenience. They even offer brief reviews to help you select the haunt that is right for you. From the mere spooky to the totally over the top horrific you choose your Halloween haunt. That way you can decide if the event is appropriate for entire family including younger children.

Ohio Hauntings give you that terrifying Halloween experience that you expect from the top rated Cleveland Halloween haunted houses.  However, don’t forget the haunt forest, corn maze, haunted trails in Ohio, and haunted hayrides in Ohio.  They too, will scare the daylights out of you!  Be sure to look in your local area news papers for any one of these activities under Cleveland Halloween event.  State Parks and Metro Parks also offer Halloween events that are well worth your attention.  Home haunts are springing up in every neighborhood too.  You could always build your own and be the hit of the neighborhood and who knows maybe someday you will have your own professional haunt!

Haunted houses in Canton Ohio are for the die hard fright fans.  The Factory of Terror has won the Guiness Book of World Records twice for the world’s longest haunted house on the planet!  It is an alarming 3,796 feet long.  The Factory of Terror is one of the incredible canton haunted houses.

Haunted Houses in Ohio

Haunted houses round Akron includes: The Forsaken Haunted House is a Mentor haunted house.  Nearby you will find haunted houses in Kenton such as the Haunted Trail of Horror and Tunnel of Doom. There are also Berea haunted houses in the same area.  For young children, Boo at the Akron Zoo is always a hit.  Check with the zoo for dates and times of operation.  In North Olmsted you will find The Fear Experience which was voted the number one haunt by Metro-Mix for 2011!

The haunted houses in Toledo are also very professionally done and offer you a nail biting good time.  The one that comes to mind is Terror Town at the Lucas County Recreation Center.  Again, for young children the Toledo Zoo offers Boo at the Zoo. Check your local listings for dates and times.  The Toledo Ohio Haunted Houses are really good and deserve your attention.

The Fear Itself Haunted House is not one of the Ohio Halloween haunted houses but is a good time.  It is located in Chicago and just a six hour drive from the Cleveland area.  If you happen to be in Chicago during the Halloween season be sure to check this out.

You can search for haunted houses in Ohio by just googling any of the following:

Halloween haunted houses in Ohio, haunted house Cleveland Ohio, pictures of haunted houses in Ohio, haunted houses Cleveland Ohio or Ohio haunted houses.  You will be given up to date information on just the right Cleveland Halloween event you are looking for. You can plan a night of haunt hoping or go on a  hay ride or visit haunted trails in Ohio. You decide!

This Halloween season be sure to go to all the mentor haunted houses, canton haunted houses, Toledo ohio haunted houses, haunted houses in Kenton, haunted houses in North Olmsted, haunted hayrides in ohio, haunt forest, Berea haunted houses,  haunted trails in ohio, and haunted houses around Akron ohio.  A trip to the longest haunted houses would be one for your scrap book!   What ever your plans, your sure to have a terrifyingly good time!  Happy hauntings 2012

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