Ohio Hauntings

There have been numerous Ohio State hauntings in Columbus Ohio. There is so much information on Ohio Hauntings at OSU that I will only give you an overview.  You can check out these various Ohio mysteries for yourself online or by visiting the campus. Here Goes:  It is said that Dr. Clark, who was a professor in the early 1900’s committed suicide in Pomerene Hall.  His wife said she would never leave, and her ghost is said to haunt Mirror Lake.  The ashes of a member of the Board of Trustees, Herbert Atkinson were placed inside a wall at Bricker Hall.  People have experienced unexplained lights flashing and Mr. Atkinson’s ghost has been seen in the lobby at Bricker Hall.  A woman’s screams can be heard coming from Oxley Hall, one of the oldest dorms for women on campus.  A student committed suicide there many, many years ago, and her presence is still felt by those who work in Oxley Hall.  It is currently used as office space.  Paranormal activity has been reported at Canfield Hall, Alpha Delta Phi/Phi Gamma Delta House, Orton Hall, Startling-Loving Hall, and Hopkins Hall.  Even though Jeffrey Dahmer was only a student at OSU for a quarter, it is reported that his ghost haunts Morril Tower and Drackett Hall.  It is one of the greatest Ohio mysteries at OSU.  Every year The Lantern’s Halloween edition reports on the ghostly legends.

Haunted Houses in Ohio

Travel southeast Ohio, and let Athens county attractions direct you to the Athens Ohio cemetery pentagram. It is one of the intense haunted Ohio stories.  From the information I have found online it seems that there are five cemeteries in Athens County. They make up the points of the pentagram and are Zion, Higgins, Cuckler, Simms, and Hanning.   They are all equal distance from one another.  They are said to be the creepiest cemeteries in Ohio.  In the middle of the pentagram is Ohio University’s Wilson Hall. It is where the Athens Ohio ghosts are still  haunting this dorm. The story passed down by the townspeople and university students is that a student staying in room 428 in Wilson Hall committed suicide after being tormented by a ghost.  Her blood could not be washed off the wall so it was repainted.  That fall strange noises could be heard coming from room 428 and the blood started seeping through the fresh paint.  Students could no long stay in the room and it is now used as a boiler room.  Students in all dorms claim to be able to contact ghosts through their ouija boards.  Also In the center of the Athens Ohio pentagram is the old Ridges Asylum were a lot of activity has been reported over the years. There is paranormal activity also at all five the cemeteries that make up the pentagram.   Although no haunted cemetery ghost pics are available, students and town’s people have encountered plenty.   Ohio ghost investigators, and evp Ohio professionals, have spent a great deal of time looking for Athens Ohio ghosts and have reported many haunted Ohio stories. Visit southeast Ohio as it is a real hot spot for paranormal activity.

Other haunted Ohio attractions are ghastly prison ghost tours. These are the scariest of the haunted Ohio tours!  During the Halloween season you can visit The Haunted Prison experience at the Ohio State Reformatory located in Mansfield, Ohio. The Ohio State Reformatory is said to be haunted with not so nice entities.  These prison ghost tours are not for the faint of heart.  The West Virginia Penitentiary is also one of the most haunted places you can visit. Be sure to check out the WV pen ghosts for yourself. If you are brave enough to go take your camera, maybe you can get a few ghosts videotaped.

Haunted Ohio attractions also include: haunted dinners, like the haunted attic at Sam’s Pizza Place in Newton Falls, Ohio; canal ghosts in Fulton County that inhabit the warehouse on the canal and can be felt at lock .4; and a haunt forest at the Mohican State Park in Loudonville, that was the location of an asylum in the 1800s.  For haunted trails in Ohio, go to Columbus and hop on the Berlinner Bike Path. You will be met by the ghosts of  six children who drowned in the area.  These tours are sure to send a shiver down your spine.

Ohio spook tales are told in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio also.  Akron ghosts have made appearances at the Archbishop Hoban High School, The Akron Civic Theater, Norton Cry Baby Bridge and the Rose Hill Bridge Burial Place.  You will be sure to meet a Canton Ohio Ghost or two at the Hercules Engine Factory.  It was built in the 1800s and there have been repeated reports of smoky apparitions.

You can check out Ohio hauntings for yourself and even join ghost message forums online.

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